Jon's Appalachian Mountain Tour, Sept 2001
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Here are some bike links that I have used.

The has a great bulletin board for bike travelers. Go to, choose THE THORN TREE, and choose ON YOUR BIKE.

The Lonely Planet

Lots of bike tourers create web page journals of their trips. Here is the mother of all bike journal links

Mike's Great Tour Page Links

Most web journals are deathly boring. Chuck Anderson has captured human nature and good story telling. Try his Seattle to San Francisco journal.

Chuck's Seattle to San Francisco Trip

Here is a link to a bike enthusiast with too much time on his hands. Everything you ever wanted to know about touring...see Ken.

Ken Kifer's Ultimate Bike Pages

The Statistician's Bike Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway

Mile-by-Mile Guide to the Blue Ridge Pkwy

Federal Parklands in Southern U.S.